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Using CloudFlare To Improve Small Business WebSite Hosting

Small Business Website Design and Hosting

Website hosting is a tricky business because you are trusting a hosting server to be the constant cushioning for your site at all times. The web hosting server has a large impact on the way the client website is presented to users.

The loading speed, timing out of sessions and security wormholes all occur because of the webhost and client website’s interaction. What can a small business do when it cannot associate with expensive hosts but does not want to bear the negative effects of a weak server? Linux Website Hosting Cloudflare

CloudFlare is One of the Best Web Hosts for Small Business

CloudFlare is a website and email hosting company that specializes in upgrading the performance of websites and making them more secure against attacks. It meshes your website into and passes your traffic through its community network.

CloudFlare helps speed up web page loading and makes the experience better for visitors who are less likely to leave the site quickly annoyed at slow loading and poor performance.

CloudFlare’s secure website hosting is just what a small business needs. The globally distributed network of the service helps spread out traffic so that the website’s incoming “pipes” don’t get clogged. CloudFlare blocks the entry of all kinds of malicious traffic like resource-wasting bots, crawlers and spiders, targeted attacks, viruses, and spamming sources.

By blocking the bad stuff, traffic influx is reduced to only legitimate visitors and general crawlers. This means your website is not only safe from being compromised, it will be wisely allocating its resources and bandwidth, and the site itself will be efficient and quick to load.

The main features of CloudFlare’s managed website hosting that set it apart from other website hosting providers, and that a small business can benefit from, are:

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Cloudfare cloud website hosting globally distributes your website content over its network, saving the information at strategic locations. The nearest storage point is accessed whenever a visitor of any part of the world visits the website.
This greatly increases the speed of the downloading of webpage content onto the visitor’s computer since information isn’t being called from the far away home location of the site.

Dedicated Website Hosting Optimizer

Providing optimal performance is another feature of CloudFlare. Even heavy websites that contain a lot of images, advertisements and widgets from third party sources are downloaded swiftly – even on mobile devices! No matter the device you are using,

CloudFlare’s optimizer ensures the quickest website loading through its Rocket Loader feature by reducing network connections. To customize your services, you can very easily toggle an optimizer feature to on or off as per your requirements. Simple, quick and effective!

Business Website Hosting Security

CloudFlare’s security checks and blocking options are great for any website, particularly a small business site. The proxy servers which exist all over the world help enhance the blanket of security over all websites linked with the network and the system becomes stronger and more efficient as the network grows.

If there is an atypical shoot in site traffic, CloudFlare knows to assess for possible attack. By scrutinizing the visitors, the service searches for a familiar pattern that indicates a malicious intention.  About 15 percent of the incoming traffic to a site is of malicious intent – whether of automated design or individual hacker action. CloudFlare blocks spammers, hackers, cyber criminals, DDOS, SQL insertion and so on.


CloudFlare provides statistics and analytics regarding your website traffic so that you are kept in the loop. Information regarding how many visitors hit your site, and which are search engine spiders or attack hits, is at your fingertips.

Unlike other analytics programs, CloudFlare analytics lets you monitor spiders from search engines, illegitimate traffic, and security threats; since about 20-50 percent of any website traffic is composed of these sources, this is information you could greatly benefit from.


CloudFlare requires no extra software or hardware purchase and installation, and no meddling with site code. The actual process of joining the network occurs in a matter of minutes. Likewise, the service also makes it quick and easy to install widgets and apps from the web to your website in a secure manner.

Packages and Plans – Best Website Hosting for Small Business

CloudFlare is offering its main services for new customers completely free. The free plan promises a security setup, enhanced website speed and performance, and the provision of statistics. Your static content will exist on each of the 23 mirror sites that have been set up worldwide and can be quickly loaded from any cache site. Furthermore, security is enforced by options like blocking specific IP or country access to the website, protection of email harvesting or hotlinking security.

There are many shared WordPress website hosting endeavors which partner with CloudFlare and provide their customers a unique shared experience whereby they are able to enjoy CloudFlare services within their original host accounts. This is the ultimate solution for small business owners for hosting their websites as they do not have to invest highly in security options or contact web developers for working on website performance.

Of the many partner hosts, a few notable ones are BlueHost, Hawk Host, VEXXHOST, HostPapa, Media Temple, Bluehost, and A2 Hosting.

The recent feather in CloudFlare’s cap is the initiation of an Optimized Hosting Provider program that adds to the existing Certified Hosting Provider program. CloudFlare’s shared hosting programs are a huge advantage for small business owner websites. The Optimized partners are automatically inducted into the Railgun technology service.

Railgun greatly improves the connection in the network linking the hosting provider and the cache site which is nearest a visitor accessing the website – hosts can now make websites available world over.

Affordable Website Hosting

CloudFlare also offers premium services in its Pro, Business, and Enterprise programs, but the website hosting cost is still very nominal for Pro package. Various higher-level security and performance enhancement features are offered to websites which register.

CloudFlare claims to enhance website performance by causing a reduction in bandwidth usage by up to 60 percent, and reduces incoming traffic by 65 percent – the resulting web page loading time is halved! Plus, your website is more safe and secure than ever.

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