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Registry Cleaners – Is Registry Cleaner Software a Scam

I hear this question about he usefulness of registry cleaner software a lot and I wish i received a dollar every time, because I would be rich.

The quick answer the question – No, Registry cleaners are certainly not a scam and I personally use them myself on every PC and notebook that I own. So I will dispel some of the myths about Registry cleaners and why people might think they are a scam as well as the benefits they really offer. I will focus around the software called RegCure, because I use this most often and I have seen this labeled as a scam.

First things first. We need to look at what a Registry cleaner is supposed to do. The primary function is to keep the Windows Registry clean and clutter free. Now as far as this goes, the top products do an awesome job, exactly as expected. The extra benefits of this include improved performance and less crashing. A cleaner such as RegCure also hasregistry cleaner features that include a startup manager, which can help speed boot times and reduce CPU usage. You can also backup the Registry, which should be done, in case a restore is required.

Why do Registry cleaners get labeled as a scam?

Many users have other issues that cannot be directly fixed by cleaning the Registry. The most common I have witnessed is Spyware or Viruses. These can slow up your machine dramatically and you might not be aware that you are infected. Unfortunately a Registry cleaner cannot fix up these problems, but it will help. In this case anti-virus products are mandatory.

Conflicting hardware and devices might also be causing slowdown, or faulty hardware. Some applications are also very resource intensive and they can slow your computer to a halt. An application error can be fixed with a Registry cleaner, but a poorly written program that uses too much CPU can not be repaired, it can only be uninstalled.

As you can see, there are situations that create similar symptoms to a cluttered Registry. When a user tries a Registry cleaner and doesn’t see results, they may believe the product is a scam. The better solution is to use anti-virus software and a Registry cleaner together. For the majority of users, a good Registry cleaner will work wonders and it is definitely the most cost effective way to better performance.

Some benefits of using a Registry cleaner include: speed and performance improvements, reduced errors, eliminate blue screen crashes, better responsiveness, gains in disk space and more.

We recommend the use of RegCure or CCleaner and you can read a full RegCure review to find out more.




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