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Reasons Why You Should Get A Broadband Router

3g Wifi Router and Access Point Setup

Routers, like a 3g wifi router or access points provide extra security for the home office user and act as a desktop firewall. A personal computer that’s on a network at the rear of a router or a 3g wireless router, even if it’s the only computer on the network, is much more safeguarded against cyber attacks compared to a computer with a simple firewall program.

ADSL Configuration

The hardware firewall built in most routers will help ward off many virus and spyware attacks on your home computer. Most user have a cable modem or an ADSL modem. The configuration of an ADSL wireless router involves setting an admin password. One of the more popular brands include the Belkin wireless N router or the Linksys Cisco wireless router. Belkin Wireless N routerA Linksys wireless router setup is pretty much like any router setup and might be explained in another article.

Out of the box routers or access points are unsecured so it is important to setup at least an administrator password to access the web interface of your router and a minimum of WEP encryption to protect your wireless network. Below are some reasons why should you get a router and pointer for an access point setup.

A Broadband Router Will Enable You to Add More Computers to Your Network Later On

You may only have one computer now, but in the future you may add more computers, particularly if you have a family, as your kids get older possibly they will have a computer of their own in their room or in any other room in the house. By having a router already set up you have all necessary to connect that computer right into the Internet without doing any extra work on your account, except for configuring the connection to the adsl wireless router, adsl 2 wireless router or general broadband router.

The work may even reduce much more if you get a 3g wireless router, because then you have a single computer that is actually wired to the router, and you don’t even have to do that as soon as you get the router installed. And then you can add multiple computers on the wireless network and never have to run another cables at all, absolutely free of worries.

Better security

Most routers like the popular DLink router or Netgear wireless router have what is known as a hardware firewall that is made inside the system. You might have heard the word before, a firewall. Those of you who are employed in companies have most likely sorted out having a firewall that your computers will need to go through whenever you deliver info out, or when info is coming in.

And a firewall is simply a system designed to prevent unauthorized entry to or from a private network. And would not you wish for your home network to be private, the computer that you use each day to do your banking on the Internet, or buy things online with your credit card. Wouldn’t you prefer for that network to be private, and nobody outside your network could control it?

A firewall is built to keep people on the outside from coming in on your network, and stop them from getting information from your computers and doing some harm to your computers, be it via a virus, some form of spyware, or some other form of adware or malware.

Even if you only have one desktop computer at home, putting money in a wired or wireless router is a clever decision as well as can add one more layer of protection to network at home. A router gives you both extra convenience and security to a home network. If you are interested in a DSL router test there are plenty of sites that offer speed tests.

It’s advisable for each home network to have DSL modem router fixed for security purposes . Learn more benefits of having a DSL router modem or check out the wireless router comparison at




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