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Setting up Parental Controls

Parental ControlIf the own computer is connected to its domain, surely Parental Software Control are unavailable.

For example, setting limitation for children’s access towards a particular website that have harmful and exploitation information, limiting the hours of logging on unto the computer and the kind of games that been playing and the types of program that been using.

During the time that this Parental Controls will now able to block the webpage access or game, notification will appear into the webpage or towards the program that been blocked.

Children will able of clicking the link notification area for permission request upon accessing a particular webpage or program.

Access will now be allowed through entering its account information.

Before starting, ensure that each child will be able to set up Parental Controls upon obtaining standard user account because of the mere fact that Parental Controls will just be only be applied to standard user accounts.

Set up Parental Software Control to its children will result to a greater need for Administrator user account.Since, parental controls can’t be applied to the Administrator user’s account.

Turning on the Parental Control for standard user account

  1. Opening the Parental Controls through clicking the start button, click on the control panel under the user account, click on the set up parental controls. If prompted for administrator password or to its confirmation, type on the password or provide a confirmation.

  2. Click on the standard users account that been wanted to set up in Parental Controls.

  3. Under this Parental control, click the on button.

  4. Once the Parental Control button will be turned on for children’s stander users account, it now able to adjust the individual setting that been wanted of controlling. The following that been mention can now be controlled through:

  • Restriction of website- Parents will able of restricting particular website that children will visit through, ensure that its children will visit the an appropriate age website that indicates of whether to allow of downloading a file and setting up a content filter upon blockage and allowing of access.This entirely allows blocking or allowing the access to a certain websites.

  • Time limitation- Set a time limit as to provide total control for their children access of the computer Since, limiting the time will prevent the children from logging on the computer during a certain hour and if they already log they will be automatically logged off.. Parents will now able of setting up several logon hour in daily basis in each week.

  • Games- Controlling the access of games, selecting a rating age level, selecting the kinds of content that been wanted to block, and able to decide whether of wanting to allow of blocking unrated or a certain games.

  • Allows or block a certain programs. It prevents the children from running on the program that parents don’t like or want them of running on.


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