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Network Security Threats – Why You Should Care

network security threats

network security threats

Secure Networks

Malware,like viruses, Trojans, worms, root kits and spyware are ever present when you are online. The programs are getting more sophisticated day by day which makes them harder to detect. There is no single solution to this problem. A lot of traditional anti-virus programs do a very bad job of protecting you against today’s malware.

The majority of consumers are not computer savvy and consequently have a very hard time deciding how to protect themselves from network security threats. There is a plethora of anivirus or antispyware programs on the market, but which one is good for you?

To start of with, you ought to install an antivirus program. Next, look for antispyware software. A combination of these two programs will already have a major effect on protecting your PC against intruders. What you have to keep in mind is that once your PC gets infected it might get used to infect other computers on the internet.

Cyber- criminals are usually after your personal date such as the sites you visit while you are online, which passwords you enter an so forth. Other criminal are just interested in using your PC as a bot. These people take control of your computer to cover their tracks and use it to attack others. That way, if the attack gets discovered, your PC will be listed as the attacker and not the PC of the cyber-criminal.

Just like every house or apartment has its own unique address, so do computers have a unique address. This is called an IP address which can be traced back to every individual computer online. If a hacker gains control over your PC, he is almost not traceable as all the attacks on other computers would seem to have originated from your PC.

The cyber-criminal who is just preying on your personal information is arguably the most dangerous to you. Every keystroke you make gets recorded, including your e-mail passwords or the credentials you use to login to your bank or credit card account.

Traditional antivirus programs offer some kind of protection against this kind of identity fraud. I would wager to say that their protection is less than adequate as an antivirus program is designed to stop viruses as opposed to keyloggers.




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