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Do You Really Need To Utilize Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

A few months ago, I decided that I would finally start my very own website. I didn’t know much about how to create a website, but luckily I found a free online host that made it very easy. All I had to do was follow the easy instructions within their editing system, and within about an hour, I had published my first website.

In fact, I didn’t begin to run into problems until the system asked me aboutĀ mobile website design. As it turns out, there was no fee to publish my traditional website, but if I was interested inĀ mobile website design, there was going to be a small monthly fee. design a mobile website

How to Design a Website For Mobile Phones

This of course, got me to asking whether or not I really needed a mobile website design, or if a traditional site was sufficient. In order to try and answer this question, I proceeded to access my site through my cell phone.

Unfortunately, the results were less than ideal. Not only could I not see several areas of my webpage due to the small screen on my cell phone,

I was unable to make a purchase using the traditional site. Right then, I knew that a mobile website design was going to be necessary.

Now that I had determined that I was in fact going to require mobile access to my website, the question was whether or not I would be accomplishing this task through the same server I had been using, or whether I should turn to a professional web designer for these services.

After comparing the monthly fees that were charged by the hosting site to the one time fee of a web designer, it turned out that hiring a professional was actually more cost efficient. While it did require me to make a more substantial initial investment, choosing to hire a professional web designer did not require payments on a monthly basis.

Choosing this option helped me to keep my overhead at a minimum while I was waiting for my site to take off.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Once my site was mobile friendly, I started to see an increase in sales almost immediately. As it turns out, many of my customers choose to utilize mobile devices to access the internet. When my site was not mobile, these customers were unable to take advantage of my products and services.

Now that my site is easily accessed from any mobile device, the only problem I have is keeping up with the huge amount of orders that have been coming in. So if you are planning on starting a website, and are not really sure whether or not a mobile website design is really necessary, I urge you to take a few minutes to research a few statistics.

Once you learn how many of your customers are using their cell phones and tablets to access the web, you will understand exactly why it is so important for your site to be mobile. After all, customers will typically choose to use the site which is easiest for them to navigate, and the easiest for them to find.

Not only will your site be incredibly difficult, if not impossible to use without a mobile design, your site will also not be listed in the mobile directories. This will prevent your customers from finding you easily, and will often send them looking towards your competitors instead.

A small investment in a mobile design will ensure that your customers are able to find you easily, and utilize your site with a mobile friendly interface.

This will help to increase your profits, and expand your business. Personally, I believe that going mobile was the best thing that I have ever done for my business.

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