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5 Ways to Save Money on a Laptop for College

What is the Best Laptop for College Students

The first thing every new college student learns is the art of saving money. Cutting costs on a laptop for college becomes a priority when running low on funds and time. Unfortunately, a computer is one of those things that every student needs but few students can actually afford. Don’t rack up more charges on the credit card; look for some wallet-friendly ways to get your tech gear instead.

This guide will share some of the smartest ways to stay connected this semester. Are you ready to whip that budget back into shape? Start with the following five suggestions.

How to Snag an Inexpensive Laptop for College – Look for the 3 “R”s Laptop for College

The three Rs are refurbished, recertified, and “rough condition”. You’ll find the first few terms on most retailer and manufacturer websites.

Refurbished and recertified both refer to laptops that a customer returned after purchase, put up for sale again after the manufacturer restored it to working condition.

Rough condition is a term you’ll find on secondhand auction sites and at pawn shops – if you don’t mind buying used, it’s better to buy an ugly laptop with scratches than a pretty laptop that fails to perform.

Laptop for College – Factor in the Long-Term Costs

Every retailer offers different incentives to lure you in. Instead of comparison shopping based on price alone, try to factor in the added bonuses. Things like warranties can save you thousands of dollars over the years. Two customers looking at the exact same Dell laptops might choose different retailers because one offers free technical support while the other offers free faceplates for customization. Where you shop does make a difference. Prioritize Needed Features

Retailers don’t like to display their most basic goods because they want to highlight the expensive models instead. You have to look for good deals. Opting for a smaller screen and less hard drive space will save you a lot of money. You can always invest in better hardware later, when you have the spare funds.

What is the Best Laptop for College – Buy Broken Goods

Most of the time, buying a broken laptop is a horrible thing – but not when you get the laptop for free or close to it. It is shocking how often laptops are given away for parts, because most of the time it’s just a single broken part that is stopping the computer from working. If you’re lucky, you might be able to fix a free laptop by replacing a $50 computer component. That’s a very inexpensive laptop.

What is a Good Laptop for College – Get Back to the Basics

It’s worth considering the idea that you might not need a laptop at all. Sometimes the price difference between two computers with the exact same performance ratings can differ by thousands of dollars depending on whether you’re dealing with a laptop or a desktop PC. If somebody offered you $1000 up front to write your notes on paper all year, would you do it? You can always transfer those notes to your PC later.

Spending money feels a little better when you know you racked up as much in savings as humanly possible. Saving money feels better when you know you didn’t have to sacrifice the things you need just to pinch pennies. Nothing feels better than being perfectly equipped for college without incurring a mountain of student loan debt.

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