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How to Take Care of a Laptop Battery Properly

Buying a Laptop With Good Battery Life & Laptop Battery Maintenance

A question I get often asked when people purchase a laptop is how to take care of the battery meaning the battery life. Laptop battery life as opposed to battery runtime is the amount of years you can use the battery before it holds little or no charge anymore and you are required to purchase a new battery. Battery runtime is a whole different ballgame and very much depends on the size of your laptop as well as the programs you are running on it.

Some of you might be worried about the cmos battery which powers the motherboard and cannot be replaced on a laptop as it is part of the motherboard. You will sooner require a new laptop instead of a cmos battery. Cmos batteries do sometimes need replacing on desktops however.

On average we might say that a runtime of about 3 to 4 hours for a standard laptop is pretty decent although maybe not the best laptop battery life to suit your needs.
Laptop Battery Care

I would define standard as a portable laptop with a normal screen and not some of the monsters which come with the  biggest laptop screen possible and therefore shouldn’t be called PC notebooks or laptops because they are that big and heavy and are basically meant as a replacement for a desktop PC.

Suffice to say that some of the top end models like the Sony Vaio series that are very light-weight usually have a much longer battery life which comes with a price of course.

Is it Better for Your Laptop Battery to Let it Run Down Completely

Just like your portable phone you should let the battery run down at least once completely after the initial charge. If you want to extend the life of you notebook battery then a full discharge before charging a laptop battery is something you should do at least once a month.

Keep in mind though that it is still pretty normal for a laptop battery not charging like when you first bought it after about three years of use and the only solution would be to purchase a replacement battery adapter. Replacement laptop batteries are very easy to come by although price vary a lot depending on the model of notebook.

How to Improve Laptop Battery Life

Every brand of laptop on the market pretty much comes with its own propriety software such as a battery monitor sitting in your system tray and even if this is not available you can always check your notebook battery life by going into the power settings in your Windows control panel.

Luckily the lifespan of a laptop has nothing to do with laptop battery maintenance so if you use your notebook mostly at home then there should be no need for you to care much about how to take care of a laptop battery.

How to Make a Laptop Battery Last Longer – Laptop Best Battery Life

So far I have talked about extending the laptop or notebook battery life as mentioned in the beginning of this post. When it comes to runtime battery life then all you need to take care of is not running programs that consume a lot of power as well as maybe adjusting your display settings from normal to dim.

These settings can all be adjusted in the power settings of the control panel that came with your particular brand or in the windows control panel where you can set a control when your laptop should go into power savings mode.

One thing you can’t control though is the programs you run yourself. Be aware that WiFI and any photo editing or CD/DVD burning software to name just a few are very heavy power consumers. So you’d better just stick to just editing that Word or Excel document while running your laptop on battery power and keep that DVD you want to watch for later.

Below is an article that speaks more specifically about Toshiba laptop batteries, but the basic principles outlined above are the same for any brand of notebook or laptop batteries.

How to Take Care of Your Toshiba Laptop Battery

When you first use your battery, let it run down completely. You need to do this at least twice. Do not try to charge up the battery till it is fully discharged. In fact, regularly emptying and re-charging your battery will extend the service life.

Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba Laptop

You should also alternate between battery and laptop computer power. While you need to use mains power whenever possible to keep your battery entirely charged, you shouldn’t go for long periods without the batteries at all.

Keeping the Toshiba battery and connections clean also help the battery to work efficiently. You can use a cotton bud with alcohol rubbed on to the tip to clean your battery terminals.

There are many things you can do to preserve power with your Toshiba laptop battery. One thing is to consider one of the brand’s thinner, lighter and more portable PCs, since smaller displays will use less power.

You may dim the screen to less than full power, and ensure you don’t run hardware devices or programs you do not need ,eg Wi-Fi software or Computer cards. Equally, if you play games or watch films on your laptop, you’ll run the battery on your Toshiba laptop down very quickly.

Remember that your machine will also have a CMOS battery, which is a secondary battery. It powers the clock on your computer, and can drain a main battery if it isn’t working. You should consult your instruction manual to discover where the CMOS battery is, and where you can replace it.

Traditionally, replacement Toshiba laptop computer batteries haven’t been cheap, particularly when purchased directly from the original manufacturer. Nevertheless there are at present many websites that offer fully compatible batteries at more practical costs.

If you’re looking for a new battery for your Toshiba laptop computer, you must be sure you get the precise model right – you can do this by finding the part number which should be on your present battery.

The replacement also must have the same voltage as your PC. While you may get away with a small difference in voltage, it is often better if you can find a precise match.

Simultaneously, you also need to decide on the rating you need for your replacement Toshiba laptop PC battery. This tells you how much charge you’ll get from your battery, and for how long. The higher the rating, the more potent your battery will be, and the more that you will probably have to pay for it.

Ratings are given in watt-hours ( WHr ) or milliamp hours ( MAh ), and you will find out your battery’s rating by taking a look at the battery compartment.




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