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Internet Not Working – What to Do

As any helpdesk agent can tell you, the first thing in trying to assist a customer is trying to find out what the person on the other end of the line really means. The Internet not working is a statement that definitely needs explanation. What does the customer mean by “The Internet”?

To some people, it just might mean that their browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome for example is not responding and this could very well be totally unrelated to the their Internet connection. Others may claim that they cannot send or receive email and blame that on the Internet as well. In the latter case you could ask a user to open up a web browser and see if they can open a web page and for a user that has a dead browser, you could likewise ask them to check if email is working.

Having worked in the computer field for over ten years, I can assure you that half of the time, the Internet connection is fine and that more often than not the problem is virus or software related, so be careful when people call you to ask for advice on their Internet not working problem.

Internet Not Working Troubleshooting Tips for Windows Users

Click on the start button select “run” in Windows XP or “search programs and files” in Windows Vista or later.

Type “cmd” and hit enter. A black DOS box opens where you type “ipconfig” and again hit enter.
This will give you your network card’s IPv4 address consisting of 4 octets.
If nothing is displaying or the IP address starts with 0 or 127 then you have an Internet connection problem and would do best to call your ISP and let them run some tests.

internet not working

If however you get a valid IP address, most if not all other number combinations would be valid, and your browser opens but always shows page not found while trying to load a website, then the problem could be hardware, software or virus related.

It is impossible to explain all the steps you should take in trying to troubleshoot an Internet not working problem as this would get very technical so here is something everybody should and can do before calling their ISP or contacting a computer technician.

Turn off the PC
Check that all network cables are connected
If you are using a router or DSL modem, switch it off
Switch on the modem or router and wait for about 5 minutes allowing it to reestablish a connection to the Internet.
Power on the PC and check if your Internet connection is up and running again.

Internet not working problems can be the result of various factors and if all the above steps failed first contact your ISP’s technical helpdesk and if they can’t help you might want to get some technical assistance from your local computer shop.

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