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Corporate Enterprises Suffering from an Increase in Cyber Attacks

cyber attacks

Cyber Criminals

Dig this! In the last 12 months, 75 percent of international companies have been the victim of a cyber attack. Thirty-six percent admitted that the attack had been – if not successful -at least partially successful. The study, carried out in by Symantec and covering 27 countries, showed that the victimized companies suffered about 2 million dollars in loss because of these cyber-attacks

Roughly 29 percent of those companies have reported an increase in cyber attacks and 43 percent claim to have lost confidential and business formation.

Cyber Identity Theft

The study shows that almost every company suffered from online theft in 2009. Most of the information theft concentrated on intellectual property rights, credit card numbers, financial details or other personal credentials from their customers. In 92 percent of the cases this resulted in productivity loss, loss in income and of course the loss in trust by their customers.

Securing big enterprises is getting harder year by year. This is due to cost cutting in the IT departments and upcoming new threats which call for extra proactive security. A lot of IT departments are understaffed these days which makes it all the easier for the attackers to intrude.




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