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Computer Security – Things You Can Do

With more and more people going online computer security is worrying quite a few people, while others just don’t seem to think twice about it. The Internet is a jungle and you should take care to take at least some basic precautions to protect your identity by implementing the rudimentary Internet security measures. Without these simple defenses in place even the best computer network security system is pretty much worthless.

Most Common Computer Passwords

It all starts with a strong password. Recently somebody captured the most common passwords used on an iPhone with the first combination on the list being the most popular.
•    1234
•    0000
•    2580
•    1111
•    5555
•    5683
•    0852
•    2222
•    1212
•    1998

computer security

Have a look at the list and chances are some of you will be using one of these combinations to secure your computer. If so, now might be the time to change your password to a combination of symbols, lower and upper case characters and numbers. This is what constitutes a strong password and is a lot harder for malicious computer programs to decipher.

And while you are at it, please don’t tape the password to the bottom of your keyboard. Even the best best computer security programs will be of no use if you don’t have a password secured computer.

As an extra computer security precaution to you could set your PC to automatically go in password protected stand-by mode after let’s say 10 minutes of inactivity. Anyone who wants to access the computer after that would have to enter the password. This is also a great protection for parents who don’t want their children to access their data or mess with their desktop.

You can let your kids log on under a different user name while the whole family can use the same PC without sharing the individual user’s data. A lot of teenagers like to download videos or music from a peer to peer network. More often than not there are a lot of viruses, Trojans and worms being spread through programs like Bearshare, Bittorrent, Limewire etc…

When it comes to computer security software, you should always have a fully functional, updated antivirus suite in place and preferably not use these programs to download music from a shared network. If not, you will get hit by a virus or Trojan sooner or later, even with an antivirus in place.

Remember an antivirus program is a protection and with new viruses being developed on a daily basis, chances are that sooner or later a virus or Trojan will slip through if you use these programs.

As a final precaution, never connect your PC directly to the Internet meaning you have a network cable running from your PC straight to the wall outlet. This would be like exposing your front door to the World Wide Web, inviting any hacker that came along to try and burgle the lock. Always use a router which sits in between your PC and the Internet acting like a barbed wire fence making it a lot harder for intruders to try and break in.

These are just a few of the very basics steps you should take to stop jeopardizing your computer security. While these steps might be obvious to some of you, I can assure you there are many people that own a computer who are totally unaware of the dangers they put themselves into once connected to the Internet.

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